About Us

Rock Creek Partners is a boutique legal advisory and research firm based in Washington, D.C.  We provide regulatory and legal counseling to institutional investors pursuing event-driven, distressed debt and other investment strategies.  We serve some of the largest hedge funds and proprietary trading desks in the U.S. and abroad.  Our team formulates its views through rigorous fundamental research, detailed legal analysis and by drawing from over thirty years of experience successfully advising clients in the industry. 

In merger arbitrage, we offer our clients actionable intelligence and analysis regarding regulatory and legal matters associated with mergers and acquisitions in virtually all industries.  A principal focus of our arb practice is to assist clients in assessing the competitive implications of proposed mergers under domestic and foreign antitrust statutes, including merger control reviews with the FTC/DOJ in the U.S., the European Commission, and the Chinese MOFCOM.  Our clients appreciate that our firm advises not only on the general process behind these approvals, but also expends significant effort to replicate the analysis performed by the regulatory agencies reviewing theses transactions.  We are also extremely diligent in studying legal documents so we can intelligently convey the level of contractual or financing risks associated with the transaction or the strength of corporate defenses. 

We also provide counseling on a range of special situations, including bankruptcies, hostile takeovers, and corporate litigation.  Our firm frequently follows adversary proceedings in Delaware regarding broken deals or hostile situations, and tracks other legal proceedings that offer compelling investment opportunities, including contract disputes, fraudulent conveyance actions and large corporate litigation.  Besides providing legal insights and tracking developments, we apprise clients as to our level of conviction regarding outcomes.    

Rock Creek provides superior value by responding with alacrity to legal and regulatory events and advising our clients in a manner that allows them to anticipate these corporate catalysts.  Clients benefit from our immediate insight and analysis of just-announced developments, and greatly value the exhaustive and thorough legal and industry research we continually conduct to augment our analysis.  Taken together, this work allows us to give clients highly informed, outcome-specific probabilities.  We deliver our views through one-on-one calls and a written product tailored to the needs of our clients.  To give our clients an edge, we do not publish or broadly distribute our written research.